WhatsApp was introduced during the early days of social media networks and has quickly become a widely used instant messaging service. Presently, Meta owns the platform, and it is operated as a component of its family of Apps, which includes Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

As you may be aware, WhatsApp allows its users to exchange a wide range of messages, such as text, images, videos, documents, locations, and links. However, it can also serve as a useful resource for companies to effectively communicate and engage with their customers in order to promote and sell their products and services.

What is a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, and how does it work?

WhatsApp Business Solution Providers (BSPs) refer to a network of third-party providers who possess extensive knowledge of the WhatsApp Business Platform. WhatsApp business solution providers are capable of assisting businesses in connecting with their customers on the WhatsApp business platform for authorized purposes such as customer support and timely, customized notifications. A company can link to the WhatsApp API through an authorized WhatsApp Partner, which works directly with WhatsApp.

What is the reason for WhatsApp to collaborate with third-party partners?

After learning about the main objectives of WhatsApp business solution provider, you may start to question why the platform doesn’t make its API available to the majority of businesses. As a matter of fact, there are several reasons for this.

A smaller workforce internally

Despite the common trend among corporations to grow in size and increase their staff numbers over time, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) has chosen to maintain a lean workforce consisting of highly skilled and top-rated professionals. WhatsApp, for instance, has been managed by a team of fewer than 100 employees, and this approach is expected to continue in the foreseeable future.

Increased revenue

Following its acquisition by Meta in 2014, WhatsApp has become a completely free-to-use platform. To generate revenue from the project, Meta introduced the WhatsApp Business API, which targeted a select group of larger players and provided a stable source of income for both the project and its owner.

Enhanced spam control

WhatsApp is a popular mobile messenger used by over two billion active users each month. Like its competitors, Facebook and WeChat, it has had to deal with the issue of spamming, with bots and unethical marketers targeting a vast user base. To address this issue, the WhatsApp Business API was introduced, allowing companies to have better control over their API access through the Partner program. This approach has proven to be more effective than individual entity control.

As a result, WhatsApp Business Solution Providers have emerged as the go-to solution for connecting with the WhatsApp API and streamlining collaboration between the network and its partners.

Benefits of working with an official WhatsApp business solution provider

Businesses can take advantage of numerous benefits by using WhatsApp business solution providers. The main advantages of WhatsApp business solution provider that companies appreciate most include:

Convenient two-way communications. 

The WhatsApp Business Solution enables companies to communicate with their clients directly through the app, making chatting more convenient. Moreover, businesses no longer need to develop and maintain their own app or persuade customers to download it.

Enhanced customer service

A personal and immediate interaction environment provided by WhatsApp Business Solution Providers can help businesses to improve customer care and build trust and loyalty among customers. Instead of bothersome phone calls and email notifications, customers can communicate with businesses in real-time through a more convenient and personalized platform.

Verified brand communication

A verified company account on WhatsApp allows businesses to demonstrate the authenticity of their brand and incorporate important branding elements into their chat conversations.

Enlarged audience pool

With its massive user base of over two billion people, WhatsApp provides businesses with a vast potential audience to reach

Better communication with clients

After establishing a communication channel through WhatsApp, businesses can enhance their conversation quality by utilizing template messages and integrating chatbots and other useful technologies

What makes the best Whatsapp service provider for a business?

To select the most suitable WhatsApp Business Solution Provider for your business needs, it’s important to consider certain key features that a good whatsapp business solution provider should possess.

Chatbots and quick replies

Chatbots can be a valuable tool in building customer relationships by handling common queries and issues faced by clients during their interactions with a business, thereby reducing the need for direct communication with a support representative.

Template messages

Template messages are pre-approved message formats provided by WhatsApp. These messages are commonly used to communicate with customers who haven’t interacted with your WhatsApp Business number in the last 24 hours. Template messages can be utilized for sending out notifications, providing shipping information, updating payment details, reminding customers of appointments, and sending customer care messages.

Data and performance analytics

Analyzing your business’s performance on WhatsApp is a crucial aspect that should never be overlooked. It helps you measure the impact of your marketing and sales strategies and gain insights into how users interact with your content. This information can help you improve your content strategy and build better interactions with your customers.