May 4, 2023 2023-05-09 7:45

Streamline fulfillment and enhance recipient experience

Facilitate smoother and more successful deliveries, enhance customer experience, and increase operational efficiency.

Deliver notifications in bulk

Send notifications to customers and employees regarding delivery updates, reminders, and dispatch information.

Coordinate your teams effectively

Send messages to a wide audience, configure alerts, and automate dispatch notifications for your employees.

Automate and streamline

Simplify the process of delivery scheduling, order tracking, and other related tasks by optimizing them through preferred communication channels.

Obtain valuable insights

Utilize data from conversations to gain insights into trends, preferences, and opportunities.

Deliver notifications and alerts to a large audience

Configure customized messages that are triggered by events from your internal tools and systems, and dispatch alerts and notifications to customers to ensure smooth and timely deliveries.

Automate with ease

Incorporate automation into various aspects of your business, such as marketing campaigns, partner onboarding, chatbots for customer service, recovering abandoned carts, and other relevant areas.

Enhance the customer experience at each step

Create engaging experiences, incorporate client information, streamline customer service, and other functions – all without the need for expensive developer resources.

  • Receive updates on order and delivery status
  • Get reminded of scheduled appointments
  • Dispatch personnel and transportation efficiently
  • Automate customer service and chat using chatbots