Presently, WhatsApp has gained prominence as the foremost platform for immediate communication. The introduction of the business version of the application has revolutionized the manner in which businesses engage with their customers. Through the WhatsApp business platform, customers can conveniently connect with their preferred brands and obtain resolutions for their issues, eliminating the need for enduring lengthy queues or making incessant phone calls.

The release of the WhatsApp Business API has enabled businesses of various sizes to benefit from its numerous advanced functions, including a shared team inbox, bulk notifications, WhatsApp template messages, and particularly noteworthy, WhatsApp business automation.

The speed of customer service plays a crucial role in establishing and maintaining a positive relationship with your business. When customers reach out to your business, they have an expectation of receiving prompt responses. Failing to meet this expectation can have significant consequences for your business. “Lack of speed” is recognized as one of the primary factors that leave customers dissatisfied and frustrated.

According to statistics, after a negative customer experience, 91% of customers leave without any warning, and 47% switch to a competitor. To address this issue, businesses can leverage WhatsApp Business automation.

What is WhatsApp Business automation?

Automation plays a crucial role in streamlining sales and marketing activities for businesses, especially when it comes to sending bulk messages, alerts, notifications, sharing offers and discounts, or making important announcements. It proves particularly useful when managing a large number of contacts.

In essence, WhatsApp Business Automation refers to using the WhatsApp Business App or WhatsApp Business API to automate conversations with customers. It involves pre-set replies to messages received from new or existing customers on WhatsApp, which are sent automatically without human intervention.

This functionality enables businesses to respond to customer messages even outside of regular business hours. By ensuring prompt and efficient responses, customer satisfaction improves, enhancing their overall experience with the brand.

It is important to note that while WhatsApp business automation available on the WhatsApp Business app offers basic features, the advanced capabilities of the WhatsApp Business API are better suited for growing and large enterprises.

Benefits of utilizing WhatsApp Business automation

Below, we outline the primary advantages of choosing WhatsApp business automation

  • WhatsApp business automation enables your business to thrive in a competitive environment where swift responses to evolving markets and customer demands are crucial for staying ahead of competitors.
  • By implementing whatsapp business automation, the response time is significantly reduced, meeting your customers’ expectation for quick answers. WhatsApp business automation becomes a valuable tool in delivering prompt and efficient responses.
  • Utilizing the WhatsApp Business API, you gain the ability to conduct automated marketing campaigns, effectively reaching your target audiences through WhatsApp.
  •  WhatsApp business automation allows your agents to allocate their time more effectively.  This streamlined approach frees up valuable time that can be utilized for more important responsibilities.
  • Whatsapp business automation plays a role in improving conversion rates. Delighted customers, satisfied by the efficient communication facilitated through whatsapp business automation, are more likely to make purchases and develop loyalty towards your brand. These automated messages guide customers along the sales funnel, bringing them closer to completing a purchase.

5 powerful use cases of WhatsApp Business automation

Here are the top use cases of WhatsApp business automation

1. Welcoming new customers

Utilizing whatsapp business automation, you can promptly greet and welcome new customers who have initiated a conversation with your business. These messages are triggered as soon as a customer connects with your team.

  1. Deploying away messages through whatsapp business automation

Automated away messages are triggered when customers reach out to your business outside of its operating hours. These messages serve as acknowledgments, informing customers that their message has been received and will be addressed promptly. This feature is instrumental in maintaining high levels of customer engagement, ensuring that no customer messages are overlooked or left unattended.

3. Delivering notifications with a delay during busy time

During periods of high chat volumes and when all your agents are occupied, you have the option to utilize automated WhatsApp messages to notify customers that immediate assistance is not feasible. Instead, you can assure them that their needs will be addressed within a specific timeframe. By being transparent about the situation, customers value the honesty and are more inclined to engage with brands that prioritize clear communication.

  1. Configuring instant responses to address common customer inquiries

This functionality simplifies the handling of customer FAQs. You can effortlessly create, modify, and save these messages to be sent as responses whenever customers contact you with commonly asked questions. By saving these messages for future use, your agents can focus on more crucial tasks, as it saves them time and streamlines the customer support process

5. Sharing order tracking details

Automated WhatsApp messages are a valuable tool for keeping customers updated on the status of their orders. Through whatsapp business automation, you have the ability to provide customers with timely notifications regarding the progress and location of their shipments.