With the WhatsApp Business Solution, you can connect with your customers through the widely used messaging app WhatsApp. Our service allows for professional, efficient, and privacy-compliant communication via the official WhatsApp interface (API).
Leverage the WhatsApp Business Solution to increase your business’s success by utilizing the vast potential of WhatsApp and being where your customers are.

Why Offer Customer Communication via WhatsApp?

Most-Used Messaging App

WhatsApp has a user base of more than 2 billion across the globe.


Our communication system ensures end-to-end encryption and is compliant with GDPR regulations.

Official Business Account

Official, verified business account.


Boost the effectiveness and excellence of your customer service with WhatsApp Business Solution’s streamlined automation and chatbots.

No Waiting Time

There are two ways to communicate with your customers: synchronously and asynchronously - using the WhatsApp Business Solution.


Address customer inquiries with greater speed and interactivity by incorporating images, videos, audio, and documents.

Efficient and rapid customer consultation


With the WhatsApp Business Solution, you can offer personalized advice and provide product information to your customers directly through chat.

Billing inquiries

With the WhatsApp Business Solution, your customers can conveniently contact you via WhatsApp to address any billing-related inquiries

Individual problems

Make yourself available to your customers through WhatsApp for personalized inquiries and concerns

Customer service : personal & direct

Utilize the WhatsApp Business Solution to offer your customers a better experience and increase their satisfaction levels.


Simplify the processing of returns and reduce the number of reshipments

Usage questions

Provide quick and direct answers to your customers' inquiries regarding the usage of your products or services.

Changes in personal data

Enhance your customer service with the WhatsApp Business Solution by enabling your customers to easily notify you of any changes to their personal information through WhatsApp.

Notifications & Alerts

You can send crucial updates or modifications to your customers’ lock screens in real time using WhatsApp messages.

Subscriptions & Promotions

Utilize the WhatsApp Business Solution to send promotional content, like product announcements, news, or offers, to your customers and fans as push messages

Dates & Reminders

You can leverage the WhatsApp Business Solution to schedule appointments or send reminders to your customers for upcoming appointments or outstanding invoices.


You can use WhatsApp to keep your customers informed about important updates such as delivery status or changes to flight schedules.


You can provide login confirmations or enable two-factor authentication for your customers directly through WhatsApp.


You can send booking or payment confirmations to your customers through WhatsApp.