Have you ever noticed a green checkmark next to a business name on WhatsApp? This signifies WhatsApp green tick verification.
WhatsApp Business green tick verification holds significant value for businesses as it provides credibility, reinforces brand identity, and leaves a positive impression on customers.
However, not every business is eligible for this green tick verification on WhatsApp. It is exclusively available to specific businesses.
But can your company apply for WhatsApp Business green tick verification? Yes, indeed! By adhering to the requirements and criteria outlined below, you can greatly enhance your chances of obtaining approval.
To begin the process, you will need a WhatsApp Business account. Let’s delve into the details of the WhatsApp business verification process!

Key Takeaway

  • The WhatsApp green tick signifies credibility and authenticity for your brand.
  • Benefits of having a green badge include making a strong first impression, gaining credibility in the eyes of customers, standing out among competitors, being able to send broadcast messages, and avoiding account suspension.
  • There are two ways to apply for whatsapp business verification process: independently through Facebook Business Manager or through a Business Solution Provider (BSP) who handles the whatsapp business verification process on your behalf.

Understanding the Concept of a WhatsApp Green Tick

The WhatsApp Green Tick represents a symbol that helps users distinguish between genuine brand accounts and fake ones on the platform. It signifies that WhatsApp has verified the business account and confirms its association with the claimed brand.To obtain the WhatsApp Green Tick verification, businesses need to go through the WhatsApp Business verification process. 

This verification badge is particularly significant for well-known brands that may face the risk of impersonation. WhatsApp is selective in granting the Green Tick and typically reserves it for established brands.

By default, all WhatsApp accounts utilizing the Business App and API are categorized as business accounts. However, only businesses with WhatsApp API accounts are eligible to apply for the Green Tick.

Once a business account undergoes WhatsApp business verification process and obtains the Green Tick, it is recognized as an Official Business Account.

While the Green Tick itself doesn’t introduce any additional features, it offers several other advantages.

Benefits of WhatsApp Green Tick

WhatsApp boasts an impressive 98% message open rate and a click-through rate (CTR) ranging from 45% to 60%, indicating significant potential for business growth.

If you have a verified WhatsApp account, you can capitalize on this opportunity. Let’s explore the advantages of obtaining the Green Tick verification on WhatsApp.

Making an Excellent First Impression: Previously, only official business accounts could display their company name in the business profile. However, once your company verifies its Meta Business Manager account, your company name will always be visible instead of just the phone number. This creates a strong first impression, as people see your company name accompanied by the WhatsApp green check mark.

Enhancing Credibility and Trustworthiness: Having an official WhatsApp Business account sets your company apart from the competition. Prospects and customers recognize the Green Tick badge as a mark of verification. This significantly reduces any apprehensions customers may have about engaging in online transactions with your company.

Gaining a Competitive Edge: Obtaining the official account status requires going through the verification process and meeting specific requirements. Consequently, few companies have a verified WhatsApp Business account. This distinction helps your business stand out and leaves your competitors trailing behind.

Unlocking Advertising Campaign Opportunities: Put yourself in the shoes of a customer who receives two WhatsApp broadcast messages: one from an unknown number and the other from a brand with a WhatsApp Business Green Tick. Naturally, you are more likely to open the message from the verified brand. The Green Tick on WhatsApp boosts exposure and brand recognition, leading to higher open and read rates. Consequently, your WhatsApp broadcasting campaigns yield better results, increasing conversion rates.

Mitigating Account Suspension Risks: When you conduct broadcast messages, some customers might report them as spam or block your WhatsApp Business account. However, having the Green Tick mitigates these risks. WhatsApp’s official verification of your business establishes brand legitimacy. Users are less likely to report your WhatsApp Business account as spam or block it because they recognize the messages as coming from a legitimate business.

In summary, WhatsApp Green Tick verification provides numerous advantages, including making an excellent first impression, enhancing credibility, improving advertising campaign effectiveness, and reducing the likelihood of account suspension.

How to Verify WhatsApp Business Account:

WhatsApp business verification process

Before delving into the whatsapp business verification process, it’s important to understand that not all WhatsApp Business accounts are eligible for verification.

WhatsApp Business verification is currently limited to a select number of businesses participating in the closed pilot program.

Now, let’s explore the requirements for the whatsapp business verification process to obtain the Green Tick verification badge. The following criteria must be met to be considered for the green badge:

  1. Utilizing a WhatsApp API Business Account.
  2. Enabling two-factor authentication.
  3. Facebook Business Manager accounts must be verified by Facebook and primarily used for business purposes (individuals are currently not allowed).
  4. Recommended to have a messaging level of Tier 2 or higher.
  5. Being a well-known and reputable brand.

While meeting these requirements may seem straightforward, it’s important to note that meeting them does not guarantee the verification of your WhatsApp Business account. With that in mind, let’s proceed to understand the steps for the  whatsapp business verification process.

Create and Verify a Facebook Business Manager Account

To begin, navigate to business.facebook.com and initiate the creation of a Facebook Business Manager account. At this website, you will be prompted to provide essential information pertaining to your business.

Once you have provided all the required details and successfully created a Facebook Business Manager account, the next step is verification. Proceed to the business settings section where you will be prompted to furnish the necessary business information, including your phone number, legal business name, and address.

Furthermore, as stipulated by Facebook, you may need to submit a bank statement or other specified documents that verify your address.

 Reach Out to WhatsApp’s Business Solution Provider (BSP)

Business Solution Providers (BSP) have the capability to offer the WhatsApp Business API, enabling the verification of your business.

A certified BSP possesses complete authorization from WhatsApp to assess your business credentials.

By leveraging their assistance, you can effectively oversee your WhatsApp Business activities. The Business Solution Provider establishes a platform that empowers you to manage messaging, collaborate with teams, and conduct comprehensive conversation analysis effortlessly

Submit Details to BSP

The BSP typically has specific requirements that need to be fulfilled. Typically, you would need to visit your Facebook Business Manager account and extract the necessary information.
This includes details like your registered business name, address, email, contact number, business manager ID, and more. After you have provided all the required details to the Business Solution Provider, the verification process usually takes around one month.

Verify Your Business, Policies, and Display Name

Once you have submitted your details to the BSP, you will still need to verify your business name and policies on Facebook Business Manager in order for WhatsApp to authenticate its legitimacy.

This verification can be initiated by navigating to Business Settings → Security Center and selecting Verification → Start Verification. Initially, this option will be inactive until you accept the BSP’s “message on behalf” request.

It is important to ensure that your display name adheres to WhatsApp Commerce and Business policies and follows the prescribed guidelines.

Additionally, it is crucial to note that once you have registered your business contact name on WhatsApp using an official business account, changing it will result in the loss of your WhatsApp business verified status.

To obtain the WhatsApp Green Tick verification, you will need to provide your business details, specify the business type, and enter your phone number. Subsequently, you will receive a verification code via a phone call, text message, or email. Sending this code will finalize the process, allowing you to proceed with sending the first message through your BSP.

Typically, WhatsApp will contact the brand within 2-4 working days to verify their account. However, in certain cases, this process may take up to a week.

In the event that your application is rejected, you will have to wait for a period of 30 days before re-registering. Unfortunately, there is no avenue for appealing the decision.