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Flyer distribution is a well-established method for reaching potential customers in Dubai, UAE. Collaborating with specialized companies for this service offers significant benefits for businesses. Here are some essential points to consider regarding flyer distribution services:


Partnering with specialized companies in flyer distribution can save your business time and effort. Distributing flyers yourself or relying on freelancers can be both time-consuming and unreliable.

Targeted Reach

Expert companies possess a deep understanding of effective flyer distribution strategies. They can help you target specific residential and commercial areas to reach potential customers who are more likely to be interested in your products or services.


While flyer distribution is generally cost-effective compared to other advertising methods, partnering with experts ensures that your investment is optimized by reaching the right audience.

Personalized Approach

Door-to-door flyer distribution offers a more personal and direct way to connect with potential customers, making it particularly effective for local shops and restaurants seeking to attract new clientele.

Local Partnerships

Collaborating with local newspapers like Gulf News and Khaleej Times, which have extensive distribution networks, allows you to select specific areas for flyer distribution, enhancing targeting.


Specialized flyer distribution companies understand the importance of measuring the effectiveness of your campaign and making necessary adjustments to maximize your return on investment.

Personalized Content

With flyer distribution, you can tailor your content to local audiences and promotions, making it more relevant to potential customers.

By partnering with experienced flyer distribution companies, you can ensure that your advertising materials are delivered to the right places at the right time, increasing the likelihood of reaching potential customers ready to engage with your business.

If you’re interested in launching a flyer distribution campaign in Dubai and the UAE, working with EDS or similar companies can provide the expertise and resources needed to plan, execute, and measure the success of your campaign effectively.

Types of Distributions We Offer

Flyer and Leaflet Distributions

We excel in door-to-door advertising, allowing you to reach any audience segment across the country through targeted leaflet distribution. Our experts provide a comprehensive service, from planning to evaluation, to maximize your marketing investments. We work closely with you and your partner agencies to plan effective campaigns and manage all aspects of the campaign on your behalf. Our evaluation measures campaign performance, including response rates, coupon redemption, website traffic, and more, to continually improve your return on investment.

Brochure and Booklet Distributions

With our extensive coverage across the UAE, we can provide the best service with a tight delivery timeline. Our dedicated teams deliver throughout the year, including weekends and holidays, enabling targeted distributions in line with your strategic marketing plans. We plan every job in advance to optimize your budget, whether you require 1,000 leaflets or 2,000,000 books.

Door to Door Hanger Advertising (Community Coupons)

Our door hanger service carries multiple flyers and is distributed door-to-door to premium gated communities every month. We cover various zones, ensuring your advertising reaches the right audience effectively and affordably.

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