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Send WhatsApp Notification Campaigns

Upload your client information

Send rich media messages to lakhs of customers

Encourage customers to respond by including a CTA and reply button.

Get your messages read by a lot of people

Boost Conversion Rates with Automated WhatsApp Notifications

Improve lead conversions by starting WhatsApp conversations.

Send a WhatsApp message automatically each time a new contact is added to your CRM.

Improve Customer Service with WhatsApp

On your website, embed a WhatsApp widget.

Set specific autoresponders for FAQs

Greet clients by sending welcome messages

Notify users when you're out of the office

Send customers product catalogs

Segment Users

Create tags to separate people based on criteria such as payment status.

Keep track of past clients' information on smart cards, such as the time they signed up and how many orders they made.

A single number, many agents

Multiple customer service executives have access to a shared team inbox.

Chats and contacts can be assigned and unassigned to teammates.

Track the progress of customer enquiry resolutions.

Obtain information on messages that have high and low open rates.

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