TikTok vs Instagram Reels vs YouTube Shorts- which is better?

Everything About Tiktok

TikTok takes the direct credit when it comes to short video trends. It is user friendly and has over 2.5 billion downloads worldwide. With just short videos to offer, Tiktok has made a place in the hearts of its users. Unlike Instagram, Tiktok doesn’t promote the opportunity to connect, engage or interact with creators. It is an app majorly used for entertainment or humour only.

Sadly, Tiktok is banned in many countries and there are rumours about it being banned in the USA as well. This can be a little hurtful for anyone who’s trying to expand their business on Tiktok.

For marketing purposes, it is important to know that one can promote their products and share the links on Tiktok. It has been seen that if a product TikTok goes viral, people go head over heels to buy the exact same product. TikTok can certainly help you boost sales if the right influencers are approached and the appropriate audience is targeted.

Furthermore, the recent Tiktok update allows the users to upload a video of upto 10 minutes surpassing the previous limit of 3 minutes. This can be a big step as long videos are easier to monetise and market. However, the reaction of the audience towards such content is still awaited.

For some brands it might be difficult to find a place around such content which majorly revolves around entertainment. However if strategized properly, there is a higher chance of standing out on Tiktok as compared to Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.

Knowing Instagram Reels About Tiktok

Instagram reels have also created a great buzz in the market. With TikTok being banned, instagram took the liberty of expanding its horizon. Many brands have made their official instagram accounts and are promoting their stuff online. Instagram encourages engagement and audience interaction. It is easier to navigate your favourite brands here as compared to Tiktok.

As we all know instagram is not limited to just reels, it offers a wide range of other opportunities. This variation can sometimes cause a distraction for the audience. Although, some might view it as an opportunity to promote their brand through different means.

Many small businesses have flourished on instagram and the youth is highly attracted towards them. People are able to monetize the talent and passion for art through instagram. Currently, aesthetic art supplies, gift items, jewelry, and fashion are areas witnessing a huge competition.

Using trending audios, appropriate hashtags and a creative shooting style, one can easily grow on instagram. From selling toothbrushes to furniture items, from brand new products to second hand variety, instagram has it all. Instagram’s algorithm is also promoting reels more than other forms of content. So this might be the right time for you to start your brand’s growth on this already expanded platform.

The latest trend- YouTube Shorts 

YouTube was known for its long video content. A platform where people could learn, be entertained and inspired. YouTube introducing short videos, proves that short videos are in demand and have an upper edge now.

It is believed that people who already have an audience on YouTube are likely to perform better on YouTube shorts than someone who is just starting. Apart from the young, YouTube also has a great number of middle and old age audiences. So if your product is for that segment, then YouTube might be the platform to pay heed to. Lack of direct interaction with the creator, inability to provide sufficient product links and difficulty in sharing shorts are some of the major cons of using YouTube as a marketing tool.

YouTube has relatively come later into the market when it comes to short video content and is yet to build a strong, loyal customer base. Moreover, people are more inclined to use it for a more laid back and long content. This attitude transition will definitely take some more time and effort.


It is true for today’s era that if your business isn’t online, it won’t sell much offline. Your online presence can help boost your sales numbers like never before. Plus, short video marketing is the latest trend that is seeing a major spike. After reviewing the features of the three most popular platforms it is clear that instagram reels and TikToks are a better way to promote your business online. However quality content and the targeted audience will always be the main ingredients for every platform’s growth recipe!