Is Short Video Marketing the future?

Is Short Video Marketing the future?

Content has always been one of the most powerful tools of marketing. However, in recent times digital platforms have completely altered the way we consume content. With tiktoks, instagram reels and other short video platforms the face of marketing has also changed. Now, the question is if short video content is here to stay and has a future ahead. Continue reading and by the end you shall have your answer!

What is short video marketing?

In recent years, we have seen 15-30 secs of video ruling the internet. They use certain catch phrases and songs which are meant to stick with the users. Taking this opportunity digital marketers blended entertainment and sales pitch. In short, to grow, having social media presence and curating short video content is inevitable. According to a recent survey conducted by HubSpot, short videos proved to yield highest returns as users are more hooked.

5 Reasons why shorts video marketing is the future

By now, we are familiar with what short videos are and how they can be used to market your products. However, the question of their nature still remains dangling. It is important to understand that according to the recent trends short video content is highly popular and considered the best to market your business. Here are five major reasons that highlight why short video content shall sustain in the long run:

1. Easy to consume and highly shareable

One of the key features of short video is its easy access and share rate. As humans, our attention spans have decreased and we need quick responses and short videos serve the exact same purpose. There is a reason why YouTube shorts fetch better results than long videos. The era of long informational YouTube videos is now on the decrease. We like to consume content that is entertaining yet informative. Therefore, it is important to add a little element of fun or surprise in you content for higher engagement!

2. Sells subtly

In our day-to-day lives we come across several billboards, newspaper ads, radio advertisements or even some annoying salesman. We know they are trying to sell us something and preach highly of their businesses. However, when it comes to short video formats they have a certain touch that doesn’t seem to just sell. They involve their users in the process which helps them to reach a larger audience. They do not just wish to sell, they wish to connect. Although the ultimate goal of any business is to sell but to do it subtly and make a place in people’s heart encourages brand loyalty.

3. High retention rate

It is a fact that we do not remember things that we read but we do remember the things we saw or heard. With the same rationality, short video content has a higher retention rate as compared to any other marketing platform. None of us would remember an informative carousel post but we would all remember the hook steps or catch phrases of reels or tiktoks.

4. Authentication of brand

Putting up a short video means showing up yourself or people associated with your brand. This adds a human touch and gives people an opportunity to trust your brand. Remember, it is easier to trust when you see people behind it as compared to a Bot or any digital design. Once the trust is established, your sales numbers will definitely look better. According to a recent survey, about 76% of small business owners said that their revenue has benefited from short video marketing. It is also important to note that videos that were less than 90 seconds were watched to completion

5. Conversion rate

The main purpose of putting out content is to make sure that your viewers turn into potential customers. Conversion rate is always higher for short videos as they are more engaging and interactive. Short videos are clickable and more likely to encourage the user to check out your brand page. Always attach a call to action (CTA) when you publish content. Remember, good content will always fetch you good clients


The facts, figures and research have made it pretty evident that Short video marketing is here to stay. Short videos like instagram reels, tiktok, YouTube shorts etc are definitely a growing trend. To invest your time, effort and money in content and its creative marketing is one of the best investments you will ever make. Is your business online? If not, then take this as a sign to start your online journey and boost your business. Happy content creation!